SHOTS Goes Wild

After a three-year hiatus, SHOTS is announcing the return of its legendary SHOTS party. And this time, they’re going all out.

SHOTS Goes Wild’ is taking place from May 23rd to May 26th at a super unique location – namely in the Safari Park Beekse Bergen. The hotel, which opened its doors in March 2023, is unparalleled, guests can wake up to the sight of elephants and zebras grazing outside their windows. The event will run from morning until night, with an all-inclusive package filled with events and entertainment.

The CEO of SHOTS, Hein Schouten, who is hosting his first in-house show, selected the location after visiting the zoo with his wife and son and seeing a video of the new hotel being built. “It’s a special location that shows who SHOTS is,” he says. “A company that goes the extra mile for its partners. A company that always thinks outside the box and values being close to the customer.”

SHOTS Goes Wild 2023 is not just about the location and enjoying the wildlife, the focus is on showcasing the brands. It’s not enough to simply start a store or online shop and expect sales to skyrocket. Nowadays, understanding and connecting with the target audience is crucial for success. That’s where SHOTS comes in, focusing on valued partners, focus on hero brands and discontinuing nearly 4000 SKUs. “Focus is the key,” says Hein. “Customers can benefit from the trade show offers, extra discounts, volume discounts, GWP, giveaways and promotional material but also focus on products and learning about the targeted audience as well as learning about materials and products”.

With this new strategy and a completely new IT-landscape in 2024, SHOTS will more and more become a data-driven organization that maintains its sense of passion and commitment. Guests will discover this new vision at the event.

The Tuesday program still has a few spots available, and interested parties are urged to contact their account manager for more information.