SHOTS is offering the perfect gifts for Secret Santa

Did you already start listening to Christmas songs? Do you know exactly how many days until Christmas? Maybe you even already put up a Christmas tree! Or are you more a Scrooge who believes that the Christmas spirit is all ‘humbug’? Whether you like it or not, you can’t avoid the Holiday season coming up. Your store needs to be ready for the big Christmas peak (pun intended). Provide your customers with great tips for a wonderful gift!

Secret Santa is a Western tradition that is becoming more and more popular over the rest of Europe and even South America. You raffle a name and you have to buy a gift for this person. After the present is given, the other one has to guess from who the gift is. In other variations, the gift is exchanged in a game. In this case you don’t know who the receiver will be. But how do you make sure that your gift is a success? Well, buying some SHOTS products!

Add some fun and airiness to the night! And what better way to do this than with some hilarious products. SHOTS’s S-Line is a brand full of fun products such as lubes with quotes (‘Your Hole is My Goal’) or soaps in the shape of a penis or vagina. But there is more to come! Such as butt plug-shaped candles, bringing the Christmas vibe together with the fun. And what about one of the most standard gifts, but with a twist? ‘Sexy Socks’ is a collection of good quality socks but with hilarious prints such as condoms and boobs. SHOTS has everything in store to make sure you will have a good laugh on Christmas Eve and all this for a retail price of about €9,95.