SHOTS reports successful eroFame show: Debuts 4 new exclusive brand partnerships

After three years without being able to see customers in person, eroFame 2022 was a major moment for SHOTS, especially with it being the first trade show with Hein Schouten in his new role as CEO.

“This show was special because we were able to truly spotlight our strength, message, and brand identity,” said Schouten. “We debuted our new booth—one side featured our own seven hero brands and our new releases. Each section was designed as an experience to identify end-consumers and lifestyles each brand can appeal to.”

SHOTS brands had strategic new releases of their own.

OUCH! debuted Glow in the Dark versions that are great quality with competitive prices. Most glow-in-the-dark products are an unappealing white color in light, but OUCH! Glow in the Dark products are a lovely green in light and give a strong glow in the dark. OUCH! also released new non-realistic hollow strap-ons, bondage glasses, and Puppy-Play products.

RealRock, a price leader in the dildo marketplace that is known for having no scent, introduced their Crystal Clear non-phallic collection in trendsetting colors. SHOTS made sure these were also well priced.

VIVE debuted three new designs that were technology-driven with three independent motors that each work with their own vibrational patterns. SHOTS led these new designs 100% themselves using their own technology, designs, and development to ensure the best quality.

LE DÉSIR introduced two new lingerie collections, Shapes Shade and Panties Belle, each featuring two sizes, Regular and Queen, with top quality, high-end designs crafted with exceptional fabrics and details, made and marketed to be relatable for end-consumers. Shapes Shade debuted their new technical knitting element that helps provide comfortable control and promotes body-positivity.

SHOTS, one of the leading companies in the global adult industry which continues to dominate distribution throughout Europe, made the huge announcement of these four exclusive partnership brands at eroFame and proudly introduced them to new and established customers alike over the three-day show.

“This booth was enormous at 240 square meters total,” said Schouten. “We wanted to show the full SHOTS operation at our booth, because we are the ideal partner for designing, manufacturing, and distributing. And besides our own brands and manufacturers, we dedicated over 150 meters to spotlight our exclusive distribution brands: Doc Johnson, Swiss Navy, Boneyard, Maia Toys, Cloud 9, Perfect Fit, Aneros, Playwivme (cumface), and Kixies.”

The major news for this show was the addition of Doc Johnson and Aneros to SHOTS’ exclusive distribution brands. Both brands join Swiss Navy, who joined exclusivity last year, and Perfect Fit prior to that. Considering this announcement and the companies involved, this creates an impressive powerhouse of brands.

Each brand introduced their own new release products within the booth. For instance, Swiss Navy debuted a whole new range of bottles that are the same great formula but in larger sizes at the same price—customers are essentially getting 50% more volume for the same price.

SHOTS will be working over the next few weeks to stock up on exclusive distribution partners’ products, including new releases as they become available.

To help onboard these new partners, SHOTS will be using their own strategic formula, their SHOTS D.N.A. if you will, into helping introduce their customers to Doc Johnson, Aneros, Perfect Fit, and Swiss Navy. Each brand put their trust in Hein and the SHOTS team to make their products penetrate deeper and become more well-known throughout Europe.

A new, dedicated Doc Johnson Brand Ambassador will be introduced shortly, his name is Marco and he will be taking care of the Doc Johnson brand throughout Europe. Leroy Klunder added Aneros top his Brand Ambassador portfolio. For now, Leroy can be reached directly at for all 4 of the power-brands that SHOTS has exclusive: Doc Johnson, Swiss Navy, Perfect Fit, and Aneros.

Also included in the booth was Pharmquests, which serves to provide SHOTS’ customers with private label opportunities through their Intimate Cosmetics program.

Of course, in true SHOTS tradition of providing complete experiences for their customers, this new booth also featured a full kitchen with refreshments and drinks provided by Guilty Monkey. This, along with giveaways hosted by mainstream models wearing SHOTS own brand of LE DÉSIR lingerie, kept the booth super busy during all three days of the show.

Schouten was particularly proud of the way the SHOTS team supported each other and their exclusive partners before and during the eroFame show.

“It was incredible how the entire SHOTS team came together in the process of designing the booth, catalog, and brand identities long before eroFame opened their doors on 5 October,” said Schouten. “And I would like to congratulate our team for being announced as the winner of EAN’s award for ‘Best Sales Team’.”

Orders over the three-day show were record-setting—and they are still coming in.

“The responses, feedback, and of course, orders we received at this year’s eroFame were phenomenal,” said Ard van den Brandhof, Purchasing Director for SHOTS Europe. “Maybe we can attribute this show’s success to our customers missing us so much or maybe it was the addition of our new products and curated brand partnerships, but our SHOTS team can confidently report this eroFame as having our highest sales ever.”

At the end of the day, it’s SHOTS’ customers who are front and center. SHOTS core message is ‘creating happy moments’, which is their overall goal. SHOTS believes that happiness will make a difference and will have an impact on each individual’s daily life.

“Our commitment to our customers, to servicing their needs, to helping our partners’ brands grow in the European marketplace, and to creating our own strategic product lines is always at the forefront of our goals. It’s what drives our success here at SHOTS,” said Schouten. “eroFame allowed us to reconnect with our customers and partners and once again provide everyone with what they were looking for to create their own success stories.”

The massive new booth, the exclusive distribution partnerships and other partner brands, and a strong team that is more dedicated than ever before, SHOTS had everything in place to make a huge impact at eroFame—and that’s exactly what happened.