SHOTS underneath the Christmas Tree

Christmas shopping will start soon. Christmas gifts are all about luxury, but we have all seen the perfumes so many times now. So, what should you do to surprise your partner? A more exciting gift comes in order. A sex toy? Yes indeed! Pick the right one to get yourself in the holiday mood! SHOTS has selected some great items for your partner or the both of you!

VIVE is the brand that has everything you need to make your partner happy. The products are luxurious and made from high quality materials. The range consists of a wide variety of sex toys, such as the Nilo. Nilo does not only stimulate the clitoris, but also has a vibrating pinpoint for G-spot stimulation. The packaging is beautiful, making it the perfect present for underneath the Christmas tree. 

And what if you want to surprise your man? Put together a nice mixture of several toys. Sono is a brand by SHOTS, that brings together male pleasure but with style. Each item is made from black or transparent TPE, giving the brand its classy look. So, what should you put inside your man’s giftbox? A stroker is always a good idea. Sono has different designs and shapes. The same goes for bumpers and cock rings. There is always one that fits your man. 

Do you want to give you partner something that both of you will enjoy? Take a look at the Ouch! Bondage kits. There are several kits for several levels; from beginner to advanced. Each kit contains different equipment that goes from a feather up till ball gags. And the kits come in different colours. Are you going for classic bondage black, romantic red or playful pink?