SHOTS Vive Sales Contest

VIVE is one of the most successful SHOTS brands. The brand contains a wide variety of luxury toys and the range keeps expanding. In order to let whole Europe know about VIVE, SHOTS has come up with a new marketing plan; a sales contest! And as in any contest, different prizes can be won.

In short, a sales contest is a contest in which each store can compete against others. The person with the most sales, wins. But the best thing about the VIVE sales contest is that different prizes can be won and that everybody has an equal chance to win! The prizes are as following:

  1. Free VIVE products. Every employee wins one VIVE product of choice with every ten VIVE item that they sell. If they sell 30, they get 3. They sell 57 they get 5. This prize will be given every month.
  2. The best sales employee of the store wins €100. A store chain wins this per store.
  3. And at the end of the year, three winners will be raffled from all store employees and win €500 each

And you don’t need to do much in order to join the contest. Make sure your store is merchandised with enough VIVE products. Subscribe at your SHOTS account manager. Send a planogram of your store, and then, just sell!!

All SHOTS customers will receive an email from their account manager regarding the contest but you can always contact them yourself. The contest will take place during Q4. You can subscribe until October first. The winners will be announced on January 10.