Six companies declare 30th May International Sex Toy Day

Sex toy manufacturers from all around the world unite to launch the International Sex Toy Day on 30th May 2018 and celebrate sexual joy that sex toys bring every day for millions of people around the world as well as educate everyone on what makes a quality toy and how to use them.

They have created a special website to mark the occasion where the giveaway is being hosted and also create awareness about how to use sex toys for pleasure and more importantly how to spot a good sex toy.

The International Sex Toys Day is hosted on 30th of May, 2018 as a tribute to the celebration of what has now come to be known as the International Masturbation Month, and to mark its importance all participating sex toy manufacturers have decided to host a massive, free giveaway of sex toys worth $10,000.

The giveaway is live on and all users need to do is leave their email. 10 winners will be chosen at random and they’ll receive one toy from each participating sex toy manufacturer.

According to a recent study, more and more people are using sex toys every year, the organizers of say, and continue: “The sex toy industry is worth over $22 billion, and is bigger than the entire VR industry put together, and grows 7.6% y-t-y.”

“Nowadays people can buy sex toys even in Walmart, but there’s still much to be done” – says Jakub Konik, founder and CEO of Lovely Inc., “It might be hard to believe, but sex toys are technically illegal in Thailand, Malaysia, India or even in the state of Alabama… and still a lot of stores do not allow sex toys. We want to change that by promoting and celebrating joy that sex toys bring to lives of millions people all around the world” – concludes Konik.

Because of that sex toy manufacturers from around the globe decided to host a website , where people can read about most popular sex toy categories, how to use them, how to spot a good sext toy or who buys a sex toy (a recent study found out that everybody does ).

“In order to promote the cause the we decided to host a free giveaway, where sex toys worth collectively $10,000 will be distributed to 10 lucky winners” – says Konik, “All that’s required in order to take part in it is to leave a contact email and share the page.”

There is also a significance to host the International Sex Toy Day in May as it coincides with the International Masturbation Month. The celebration is born out of the need to further the cause of sex-positive sex education, to ring in more awareness when it comes to dealing with sexual health and pleasure. With multiple issues, taboos and stereotypes still plaguing ‘sex’, these sex toy manufacturers have joined in to take the matter into their hands and create more awareness of how sex toys enhance our pleasure.

The manufacturers include:

  • MysteryVibe from UK, makers of Crescendo, 6-motor bendable vibrator
  • Lovely Inc. from US, makers of Lovely, vibrating couples ring and app that helps enhance a couple’s sex life
  • Vibease from Singapore, makers of Vibease Fantasy, a remotely controlled vibrator that can be synced to an app
  • BlewIt ! from US, makers of automatic male masturbator
  • PelviFly from Poland, makers of kGoal, an app connected kegel exercise device
  • MinnaLife from US, makers of Ola, clitoral vibrator that increases vibration strength based on how hard its squeezed