Sportsheets  reports success of Cat & Nat’s exclusive ‘Your Box Only 2.0’ 

Sportsheets records successful partnership with motherhood duo Cat & Nat for the launch of their exclusively curated Your Box Only 2.0 gift box.

Cat & Nat tapped the Sportsheets Peace Vibe for inclusion in their Your Box Only 2.0 after the wildly successful launch of their first box that sold out within 24 hours. “Our dream for this season’s box was to bring the spa home to you. So we selected high-quality products, from brands we know and love, that will help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated every time you use them.” The box features the silicone dual-motored Peace Vibe with 10 functions and stimulating bendable ears. The box also includes other self-care products like face masks, candles, bath salts, bath towels, and body mitt.  

“Sportsheets has been thrilled with the opportunity to bring pleasure to Cat & Nat followers and with the success of this season’s box,” says Julie Stewart, Sportsheets CEO. “The Cat & Nat brand is very much aligned with the Sportsheets mission of dissolving taboos and encouraging sexual health and wellness while supporting other women businessowners along the way.”  

Best friends and moms, Cat & Nat, have set out on a mission “to bring laughter and a sense of community to women and moms” by rewriting the unrealistic portrayals of motherhood often presented in the media. Cat & Nat have created a rapidly exploding community of like-minded moms through their virally famous #MOMTRUTHS videos, Facebook Lives, Instagram stories, best-selling book, iHeartRadio award-nominated podcast, and live shows.