Sportsheets  expands Retailer Support Site with new videos

Sportsheets  continues to expand customer resources with newly added product demonstration videos on Sportsheets Reseller Support (SRS).   

The newest update to the SRS site adds demo videos from the company’s latest product releases, Special Edition and Saffron. Customers can download the videos and add them to their websites, social media channels, or have them playing on a screen in-store. Videos are a great way to train sales staff and educate customers. 

“I’m ecstatic to have these professional videos to share with customers. They are perfect for online and/or brick and mortar retailers with video in their store,” said Sportsheets’ Emily Silva. “Consumers can get a better understanding of the product before buying, because the video showcases it so well.” 

Sportsheets Reseller Support (SRS) is a B2B service hub housing 40+ gigabytes of downloadable promotional and marketing materials. Earlier this month, Sportsheets added web banners focusing on the company’s new releases to the SRS for download. Digital banners are a great visual tool to sell online.

Customers can visit Sportsheets Reseller Support at