Sportsheets and Lion’s Den partner for Las Vegas billboards

Sportsheets and Lion’s Den are partnering to promote intimacy and sexual wellness through a series of digital billboards throughout Las Vegas.

With a shared goal of embracing intimacy, pleasure and connection amongst partners and supporting sexual exploration of individuals everywhere, Sportsheets is excited at the opportunity to partner with Lion’s Den for their first step into billboard advertisements.

“Providing education and products that enhance intimate moments for people throughout their sexual journeys has been the primary goal for Sportsheets for the last 30 years,” says Sportsheets’ Marketing Coordinator, Nathan Hammerle. “We are beyond excited to partner with Lion’s Den in a way that will create a more direct connection with our customers.”

The digital billboard will feature a lifestyle from the Sportsheets Saffron Collection along with the Sportsheets mission of “Keeping Couples Connected” and Lion’s Den’s signature “Pleasure. Passion. Romance.”.

“Our missions are aligned, and we believe in the service and education provided in Lion’s Den stores, giving us full confidence on the success of this new marketing format,” continues Hammerle.

“Lion’s Den has had a long and productive relationship with Sportsheets; a relationship that continues to evolve as both companies grow to meet the expectations of an ever-changing customer base.” said Lion’s Den’s Director of Marketing, Pete Potenzini. “We are so excited to work closely together and explore new initiatives that support our shared goals.”

The new billboard advertisement will run from mid-April through mid-May.