Sportsheets continues to prepare for future growth with female leaders

Sportsheets has spent the last two years investing in the company; bringing in new technology, developing new processes and most recently, hiring new staff. In the last year, the Cerritos based adult toy manufacturer has hired over 10 new team members. “We have hired new leadership in HR, accounting, product development, marketing, and design with the majority of those roles being held by women” CEO Julie Stewart states.
Sportsheets’ mission to transform intimacy has taken on new life with the recent hires which means big plans on the horizon. “New people joining the team is always exciting” says Creative Director Chaney Cox. “Not only does it mean fresh perspectives and new ideas, but it also encourages our team to come together and engage in high-level conversations about how we achieve goals together.”
One of Sportsheets’ goals for 2022 is to transition from a branded house to a house of brands. The transition will allow each of Sportsheets’ current collections, Sportsheets, S&M, Sincerely and Edge, to evolve into individual brands; each clearly defined with their own voice and story to tell. To help achieve this Julie and Chaney expanded the Creative department hiring a Brand Marketing Manager, Kelly Sofferman and Graphic Designer Neena Sanchez. “Kelly brings her extensive experience from outside the industry to help us improve our storytelling and marketing while Neena, offers a tailored eye for branding and design that will elevate our brand imagery by creating better tools for our customers to promote our products” Julie stated.
The enhanced creative team will work closely with Sales Director Julia Harney to create 360 marketing campaigns that support the launch of new and existing products alike. “Expanding our ability to create consistent, powerful and impactful marketing materials like style guides, sales guides, premade banners and ads is something our customers have been asking for and I am thrilled that we are able to deliver” says Harney.