Sportsheets grows GIFs offerings on Reseller Support Hub 

Sportsheets continues to expand its customer resources with 13 new product GIFs available for download at Sportsheets Reseller Support (SRS). 

The company’s latest SRS update spotlights the ever-popular animated GIF file format taken from the company’s newest product releases, Saffron and Special Edition. Ideal for social media, websites, email campaigns and various other promotional channels, Sportsheets® GIF Collection Two has been compiled as a zip file for a quick, grab-and-go download. “Our team never ceases to amaze me,” says Emily Silva, Private Label Specialist. “These GIFs are great, because the consumer doesn’t even need to click on them to view. They play automatically showcasing a quick, detailed view of the product, drawing in consumers to buy. The company launched Sportsheets® Reseller Support (SRS), a B2B service hub housing 40+ gigabytes of promotional and marketing materials, last year. In May, Sportsheets added the first GIF Collection to the SRS, making over 50 product GIFs available to retailers for download. Customers can visit Sportsheets Reseller Support at