Strike against manufacturer of Bathmate counterfeits

British manufacturer Bathmate reports a raid that took place at the company’s instigation in China. Fakes of Bathmate products were found and confiscated. Bathmate reports the concerned party to be Li C., who is the legal representative of Dongguan Perfect Lover Co. Through investigation, the AIC (Administration for Industry and Commerce) held that the party purchased counterfeit products from others and then sold them for illegal profits. Since the party could not provide the sources of the products, the AIC held that his act constituted trademark infringement against No.10221454 “Bathmate” trademark.

According to Bathmate, the AIC decided to order the counterfeiters to immediately stop trademark infringement activities and also imposed a substantial fine. Two pieces of Bathmate products, multiple package boxes as well as instruction books, that have been seized onsite during the raid, have been destoyed.

Tim Brown of Bathmate said: “We are delighted with the outcome of this action, and would warn any would be counterfeiters: we are after you! This year we will spend in excess of £100.00 and we will close you down.”