STRIPT launches online jewelry boutique

STRIPT Erotic Designs is pleased to announce the launch of its online boutique at First debuted at The Sex Expo in Brooklyn in September of 2018, STRIPT provides fine jewelry inspired by the beauty and mystique of sexuality and the human figure. Each piece is unique in portraying a hidden symbolism or making a bold statement, living up to the company’s tagline of “Sexuality as a Showpiece.”

Crafted from solid sterling silver or 18k gold, the initial line of jewelry features four necklaces made to the highest standards of quality. The collection’s flagship design, Le Clitoris, includes a gold pendant resembling the elegant shape of a clitoris having a natural diamond at its center, retailing for $999. The other pieces in sterling silver retail for between $109 and $149 (US).

Each of STRIPT’s pendants have been adoringly created by designer and CEO, Maxine Lynn. With an eye for beauty, and a finger on the pulse of what’s hot in adult, she has curated the line to appeal to women of varying tastes and desires. Lynn has been involved in the erotic industry for years on the tech side of the business prior to pursuing her artistic endeavor with STRIPT. Known as the “SexTech Lawyer,” she publishes the Unzipped: Sex, Tech & the Law blog and hosts the Unzipped: The Business of Sex podcast.

“I am so excited to show the world another side of my passion,” says Lynn. “The brand will explore thoughtful expression of sexuality in the non-traditional media of ultra-fine and demi-fine jewelry. My vision is to spread the message that sexuality, in whichever way you choose to embody, characterize or express it, is normal, natural and exquisitely beautiful.” In the initial line, these values are demonstrated with some pieces screaming out, such as Le Clitoris, while

other pieces are quiet and secretive, such as The Vulva, the features of which represent the labia, clitoris, and vagina without literal depiction.

Based in New York State, STRIPT jewelry is proudly made in the USA, and available for shipment around the world. Necklaces can be purchased online by the public at the new boutique. Wholesale inquiries can be directed to