Sunny Rodgers launches Sunsplash Media Group

Sunny Rodgers has announced she is stepping down from her position with Pipedream Products to head her own consultant firm and work on the completion of The Institute of Intimate Health.

Using her twenty years of experience working with pleasure product manufacturers, Sunny crafted Sunsplash Media Group (SMG) to offer everything a new business or service needs to get their idea from conception to completion. SMG can provide all facets of product development and creation services, handle sales and territory expansion, and introduce businesses to partnership opportunities to grow their products into global brands.

“I truly feel that everything happens for a reason and when I had multiple people approach me asking for assistance getting their products and ideas into the hands of consumers, I felt like that time had come for me to create a business that can help people make their dreams a reality,” said SMG founder, Sunny Rodgers. “I’ve worked for some of the biggest and best manufacturers since 2000 and have learned a lot about the product development process, sales and marketing, and using data and analysis to support the direction of products. I want to put my experience and expertise to use helping create solid revenue streams for people who may not know what their next step should be.”

SMG is not only geared to help those new to business create their first product, they also offer creative ways to expand monetary opportunities, create unique content and a brand voice, and even offer a ‘Rent-An-Expert’ service.

“While the pleasure product industry is poised to reach $52 billion in global sales in 2020 according to Market Watch, I feel pleasure products will cross over into the fast-growing wellness economy that is currently at $4.2 trillion in sales,” said Rodgers. “As sexual health and wellness continue to gain popularity and grow sales, more and more people will be wanting to create their own product lines and expand the ones they currently have. SMG will be there to allow more individuals the opportunity to take a bite of the trillion-dollar pie.”

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