Sustainability at ORION

As a responsible family company in Flensburg, ORION has been fulfilling numerous social and economic aspects of sustainability for years. However, ORION has also made environmental sustainability a priority and is producing more and more products and packaging that can be recycled. This means that all the erotic specialist’s electrical items are properly registered so that they can be handed over to the municipal utilities and recycled.

Many of the drug store items from ORION’s assortment are already 100% vegan. This will also be extended to other products as well. Like the new fetish items from the “Vegan Fetish” label for example – the high-quality products are true to the original leather look style but they don’t contain any animal components. 

In addition to an attractive appearance, environmental aspects are also very important for packaging as well. This means that the materials for the packaging can be easily separated and be respectively recycled. Furthermore, ORION has participated in the dual system “The Green Dot” from the start and has thus contributed to saving a large amount of CO2. The ORION product managers are working continually on the development of the packaging for products and are constantly conversing with the manufacturers. New, resource-efficient materials are tested, in order to reduce the need for plastic even further. This is why renewable resources are being used, e.g. for the “Just Glide Bio” lubricants. They are in a tube that is made out of polyethylene – it’s based on sugar cane which means that the packaging is 100% recyclable.

The environmental aspect also extends to the delivery of goods. The cardboard boxes that are used are completely recyclable – only recycled paper is used as padding instead of air cushions. ORION has also invested in a new gluing machine which means that approx. 60% of packaging tape is saved when sealing the packages. The packages are predominantly sent carbon-neutrally with DHL. For this reason, ORION has received the Go Green certificate for many years now. Also catalogues are printed in a climate-neutral way, as far as possible, which means that a fixed rate is paid in addition to the printing costs to finance the planting of new trees. 

Another sustainable aspect: ORION doesn’t have plastic bags any more either – paper bags are offered instead. 

Sustainability is a complex topic that is full of challenges, even with all of ORION’s efforts. However, ORION will continue to keep trying without losing sight of the product or its sales-boosting presentation.