SVAKOM announces first winner of Golden Ticket Campaign

Celebrating 10 years since founding, SVAKOM launched their Golden Ticket campaign in September 2022. Launching alongside their limited edition 10-Year Anniversary box set, a total of 30 Golden Tickets were hidden inside select boxes.

“We have been incredibly excited with this campaign,” a SVAKOM representative commented. “A big part of celebrating our 10-year anniversary, was to get those who have supported SVAKOM all these years involved, to make them feel celebrated and to show our appreciation.”

During 2022, SVAKOM launched their latest product line showcasing their patented Pulse Technology. Featuring a range of unique features to compliment the deep suction sensations, the SVAKOM Limited Edition 10-Year Anniversary box set included an exclusive black & gold Pulse Pure alongside lubricants and a specially designed blindfold/wrist-tie.

Winners of the SVAKOM Golden Ticket campaign are entitled to 10 Free SVAKOM products, which they can claim all at once or over a period of 2 years.

“When I received my first SVAKOM product on Valentine’s Day from my husband, it came in this beautiful white box,” Golden Ticket winner, Kristen, told SVAKOM. “I opened the box not knowing what to expect. Inside I found the Pulse Pure suction toy. I had never experienced a suction toy before but was very excited to!”

SVAKOM expressed gratitude towards first winner, Kristen, for their kind words towards the brand stating that “a big part of what we do is bringing happiness to people. Everyone deserves access to incredible sexual satisfaction – having the tools to live a sexually fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. Our Golden Tickets were designed to offer SVAKOM customers the opportunity to stock up on these tools, to embrace their wildest fantasies and desires”

Kristen continued to comment on their experience upon finding their SVAKOM Golden Ticket, stating that “I […] found a golden ticket. The golden ticket said I was one of thirty special winners of numerous SVAKOM products. I thought it was too good to be true. But it wasn’t. When SVAKOM told me that I could pick out ten of their products of my choice, I was ecstatic!”

“I went online and there were so many products that I had never seen before. SVAKOM has the most up-to-date products in pleasure toys. I told all of my girlfriends about SVAKOM and their products. I am definitely a SVAKOM customer for life and will be buying my toys from them from now on!”

With the first of thirty Golden Tickets found, SVAKOM expresses an eagerness to see more people claiming on their Golden Tickets, encouraging others to keep up the search.