SVAKOM attends LALEXPO (Colombia)

After delays, LALEXPO went forward late July in Colombia. Featuring a variety of industry representatives, SVAKOM sent Iker Perez to showcase SVAKOM products and represent the brand. “This edition of LALEXPO had over 6000 attendees, lots of them coming from the camming industry,” Iker said. “It was an honor being there, and I have to say people loved the SVAKOM tote bag, we were handing them out constantly. It’s impressive how quickly they set everything up after the previous delays and changes.”

Determined to ensure a good time for all, SVAKOM constructed activities for attendees to participate in, with the particular favorite being Phoenix Neo. Throughout the exhibition, SVAKOM demonstrated the capabilities of its Connexion Series, highlighting the long-distance control and interactive capabilities. Each product in the Connexion Series contains the `neo` moniker, showcasing their ability to sync with cam platforms for a closer connection with viewers.

“Phoenix Neo proved very popular – which we expected,” Iker continued. “Phoenix Neo is an excellent toy for camming – the passionate design and bold light really make the audience feel part of the show.”

Alongside attending, SVAKOM provided sponsorship for the award ceremony – this time held simultaneously with the exhibition. “We were there to provide drinks to every in attendance, in total I believe we gave out over 2000 drinks,” Iker said. “The cocktails were gorgeous, bright, colorful, a lot of people were excited to try them – and thankfully they tasted great as well!”

Iker and SVAKOM express their sincere appreciation towards the organizers and hosts of LALEXPO, whilst feeling remorse to the announcement that it would no longer take place in Colombia.“Sexuality and masturbation are still seen as taboo to a lot of people, and it’s a shame,” a SVAKOM representative had to say regarding this development. “We have always held the stance that all things sex are a human necessity – one that is unfortunately neglected due to shame and fear. Sex should be talked about openly, and sex toys should be a staple product in any home, everyone deserves the right to learn more about themselves, and fulfill their desires.”

“LALEXPO provided a backdrop for attendees to openly discuss what their interests are, and what they are looking for in the market,” the representative continued. “we are happy to hear it will continue but cannot help but feel a farewell is in order to the events which took place in Colombia.”

Despite the bittersweet revelation, SVAKOM representative Iker Perez responded positively to the overall event. “I had  an amazing time, speaking with all the professional within the camming industry and seeing how excited they get looking at the toys. These exhibitions really do shine a light on how positive and how fun people in the industry are – everyone wants to be friends and get to know one another.”