SVAKOM featured on Reality Show `First Dates`

SVAKOM’s product Alex Neo was featured on reality show `First Dates`, a popular television show in Spain, alongside SVAKOM sales representative Iker Perez. The show aired on February 14th, Valentines Day, as a special episode featuring those `looking for love`. Iker Perez brought an Alex Neo as a gift for his blind date. Presenting the gift first to the host of the show, Iker was met with a baffled look and the question ‘is it a blender?’.. Declaring his position in SVAKOM, Iker proceeded to explain how the masturbator functions and his reasoning for taking part in the show.  Upon the arrival of his date, the host presented him with the gift and asked if he knew what it was. Initially confused, upon activating Alex Neo’s thrust function the date stated that he could ‘figure out what it was for from the movement` but that he `had never had the opportunity to try one before`.

“We are happy to see our products demonstrating open-minded behavior. The reactions of shock and surprise further highlight the stigmatized nature of masturbation and sex in conversation, and from Iker bringing it up casually and explaining it just like anything else, we’re happy to see those around him becoming more open to the discussion and more intrigued by the use of sexual wellness products”, SVAKOM commented.