SVAKOM launches B2B Training Series & Cancer Fundraiser

SVAKOM has launched a B2B product training series that rewards attendees while fundraising for breast cancer research, all at no cost to participants.

SVAKOM Sexual Wellness Educator Vanessa Rose will run the series for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa before the brand looks at expanding it to other regions.

“At SVAKOM, we believe sexual wellness is a necessity so we’re making it easier for our supporters to explain and sell our adult products while giving back to them and the wider community,” said Rose, who is also a Clinical Sexuality Coach Certified by the American Board of Sexology. “We understand the challenges that can be associated with staff product knowledge training, so we’ve ensured this series is flexible and easy to do in store without affecting retail activity or from home. Participants simply choose from a range of themed sessions, book their preferred day and time, and I cover practical tips and tricks with them during a quick, one-on-one video meeting.They get perks after each session and progress towards a mystery gift which in Australia includes a donation to the national breast cancer research foundation at no cost to participants. It’s our way of thanking our supporters and helping to accelerate the research needed to end breast cancer.”

For more information or to book your training session, visit