SVAKOM & Lovela Collaboration Party

SVAKOM touts the success of its collaborative event with Lovela, an online sex toy retailer from Colombia.

SVAKOM partnered with Lovela to provide a lively experience where attending guests were given SVAKOM products. “With a total of 90 attending guests – primarily female-identifying between the ages of 25-35, and over 10 SVAKOM products given away, we are proud to say this event was an absolute success,” a SVAKOM representative said. “We worked hard to create a safe, fun, and educational space for our community. With complimentary drinks and burgers, plus a welcome gift, guests came and left with smiles on their faces.”

“We are excited to continue this brand relationship and look forward to more events such as these in the future,” the SVAKOM rep continued. “The event had a great atmosphere and amazing vibes; with the restrictions on travelling, we are happy that Lovela could help us bring a taste of SVAKOM’s style to Colombia”.

The event featured products from SVAKOM available for guests to learn more about and win as prizes. With an emphasis on education, the event provided information regarding the usage and maintenance of the products and the different uses and ways to enjoy sex & masturbation. In addition, the event featured various entertaining activities such as a dance contest where participants needed to imitate a vibrator with their dance.

“This was a totally different space to educate about sexuality in a fun and engaging way. The girls loved it and had an excellent time. The quality of SVAKOM toys always gets a wow reaction when we explain their design and functions in detail. There were a lot of stunned faces,” a Lovela representative said. “The event’s success has been excellent news for us. The enthusiasm guests displayed throughout the evening demonstrated the positive effects sexual wellness and education can have on people. And we are actively looking into future upcoming events with Lovela”.