SVAKOM participated the ThaiFest Webinar as VIP Partner

It’s SVAKOM’s 7th year to attend ThaiFest – a worldwide annual event hosted by Astkol-Alfa Ltd., taken place in a different location each year. ThaiFest 2021 was held in Antalya, Turkey, in which SVAKOM participated online as a VIP partner due to travel restrictions,.

“There’s a strong bond between us and the retailers. COVID-19 changed the way how people interact but it’s lovely to meet all the retailers via online webinar nonetheless. Somehow not being able to see each other brought us closer and we could feel the love and passion that the retailers have for the industry,” a rep enthused.

During the webinar, SVAKOM launched various new products including Sam Neo, Hedy X, Iker, Tulip and Robin, with a highlight on Connexion Series – the interactive toys that can be used location-independently. 50 shops in total attended ThaiFest 2021 and custom SVAKOM gift bags were given away at the end of the webinar.

“We really appreciate the opportunity to keep close communication with the retailers and bloggers, hope that we can meet and greet them next year in real life when everything is back to normal,” a rep remarked.