SVAKOM showcases talents of Key Account Manager Maybritt Carstensen

SVAKOM expresses great pride in the efforts of Ms. Carstensen, a key member of its European team.“Maybritt has become a staple in the adult industry,” a SVAKOM rep said. “Working in the industry since 2016, she has transferred her amazing abilities over to SVAKOM and integrated seamlessly with the team.” Ms. Carstensen works closely with clients within SVAKOM’s European market. “This transition has brought about a lot of different emotions,” Ms. Carstensen said. “I’ve been welcomed into SVAKOM with open arms and experienced unique challenges and amazing cooperation.” Based primarily in Germany, her home country, Ms. Carstensen has shown an exceptional aptitude for working in part of a global team through remote communication. “SVAKOM admires determination, ambition, and those who seek out challenge with a positive attitude,” the SVAKOM rep continued. “Maybritt demonstrated all of these qualities early in her career, and we have since witnessed her talents first-hand. Throughout her time here with SVAKOM she has consistently approached problems with brilliant creativity and has a passion for building connections”.

Direct inquiries can be made by contacting Ms. Carstensen at “I am happy to receive any inquiries should anyone have them. And, for all my German clients, feel free to just call me Maybritt!”