SVAKOM sponsors Global Friendship IWD Event 2023

On March 18th Global Friendship held their 7th annual IWE event with SVAKOM as sponsors. This was SVAKOM’s second time sponsoring their IWE event and their third time as sponsors for Global Friendship.

The event consisted multiple communication games and activities focused on celebrating womanhood. SVAKOM provided a selection of toys to be won as prizes during the scheduled raffle activity.

“Women empowerment has always been an important agenda for us. The message we would like to spread out is women can be strong, intelligent, beautiful and sexy,” commented a Global Friendship representative. “Women’s sex life and the empowerment surrounding [it] is often neglected in the mainstream, this is why we were grateful for SVAKOM’s support the third consecutive year by offering our ladies free vibrator as lucky draw prizes.”

Attending the event, SVAKOM Sales Director Fanny Chen commented that “the event was simply amazing. So many inspiring women, some of which had never even tried sex toys before, approached me saying how confidant SVAKOM products made them feel. I was amazed, truly.”

SVAKOM expresses gratitude towards Global Friend for allowing them to be involved in the event, stating that they are “always happy to support such an amazing cause”.

“We would definitely love to collaborate with SVAKOM again in the upcoming events in both Shenzhen and Guangzhou cities where currently most of our members reside in.”