SVAKOM Sponsors Skateboarding Event in Buenos Aires

Patín Club is a non-profit civil association based in Buenos Aires, where the largest concentration of longboard skaters in the country exists. Supported entirely by the local community, it also belongs to one of the projects of the Argentina Longboard and Downhill National Commission, being one of the structural parts for the federation projects that is being worked on at the national level.

“The Patín Club was born because we wanted the whole community to feel they have somewhere to belong to and identify with; where they can meet, interact and socialize to enrich their sports life. Before Patín Club, there was no association to represent us that can manage spaces, permits, insurance, events, etc. We encountered lots of difficulties among many projects that we had in mind. So finally, we decided to create an association to gradually fulfill our wishes. We still have a long way to go, but this event is a BIG step in that direction.”, says the Founder of Patín Club. 

The event is a full day celebration of enjoyment, fun, skating and friendships from 11 am to 6 pm. The Freestyle Longboard Metropolitan League is set to have a four-day schedule to define the final champions. The concept of the event is not only about the competition, which generates a score and places you within a ranking, but also other non-competitive activities with integration games for all levels, with prizes and proposals that encourage the participation of all people with a skateboard, without making a difference in age, gender, category, etc. 

“We found the premise of the event to align perfectly with our brand philosophy – our toys are gender-neutral and inclusive, and much like skateboarding, we also encourage people to explore their limits to discover something new about themselves.”, says the Head of Marketing from SVAKOM.