SVAKOM touts the success of its Sexuality workshop in Pamplona, Spain

On March 6th SVAKOM representatives hosted and took part in a sexuality work shop within a well-known bakery (Panakery) in Pamplona, Spain.
“The event was a way to get people in a fun and active environment where they could discuss sex, sex toys, and bake!” a SVAKOM rep said. “Although a little early, the idea was to celebrate women for international women’s day – providing a safe-space for women to come and discuss sex, without having it be the only topic on the table”. The event had 15 women in attendance, with drinks provided, for an up-close look at different vagina-oriented products from SVAKOM. “The event took place from 2-5pm, we called it a Brunch Sexuality Workshop because, honestly, the Spanish tend to enjoy a late brunch!” the SVAKOM rep continued. “The women involved were very enthusiastic, it was great to create different foods from scratch whilst discussing the benefits of each toy on display. There was a definite interest in our APP controlled toys, mainly because of the many different ways they can be used – I mean, there’s long-distance, the music feature, free touch.”
SVAKOM boasts the success of its Connexion series and APP-controlled toys. The Neo series offering both APP control and online interactivity.“We all had a great time baking lots of different treats such as avocado toast (very popular!), chocolate cake, Spanish tortilla – lots of different goodies to snack on and sit down and talk about sex! We had many women come in asking about the event, after they saw what was happening”, a Panakery rep said. “Many of the women asked when we would be hosting the event again after learning more about it, we’re hoping to host another one soon if all goes well!”