SVAKOM touts the success of second sponsored Global Friendship Event

May 22nd Global Friendship hosted their second International Women’s Day event in Shenzhen, China. SVAKOM proudly sponsored the event, providing a selection of products as part of the raffle prize event.“We are always looking for new ways to contribute to such an amazing community,” a SVAKOM rep said. “Global Friendship has continued to do amazing things and host incredible events and we are grateful to have played a small role in empowering women and bringing a smile to someone’s face.”

Global Friendship is the largest event and service platform operating in the south of China. Operating on a membership module it provides trusted and professional services.Members are able to receive various perks including opportunities to showcase talents and unique skills, as well as promoting businesses through the Global Friendship network – whilst providing connections with a diverse community.The event which was created to celebrate International Women’s Day – celebrated globally on March 8th – was postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions. “Despite being postponed, it didn’t put a damper on the positive energy of the event,” Global Friendship Co-founder Rochelle said. “The theme this year was community builders, celebrating those individuals, entrepreneurs, groups, and business [which are] making a positive impact in the Shenzhen community.”

The event featured live musical performances and a lucky draw containing a variety of different prizes. As part of the lucky draw SVAKOM provided a variety of products including: Tyler – vibrating penis ring, Edeny – interactive panty vibrator, Tulip – powerful bullet vibrator, and more. “[The] winners were excited, some a bit shy – but these are always hot prizes that everyone wants!” Rochelle continued. “This was SVAKOM’s second time supporting [International Women’s Day], after providing prizes for the previous event in Guangzhou which took place in March”.SVAKOM expresses humbled appreciation for the kind words and success of the overall event.
“Seeing the prize winners with smiles on their faces, clearly excited to try their new toy, brings us so much joy,” the SVAKOM rep said. “We love sponsoring events that promote positive sexuality and empowerment, and we’re always looking for new opportunities to provide everyone with a little piece of SVAKOM”.