Swiss Navy and SHOTS celebrate a year of global success

M.D. Science Lab, makers of the iconic Swiss Navy brand, and SHOTS, one of the leading companies in the global adult industry, have spent the last year together in an exclusive partnership. Since May 2021, SHOTS has been the exclusive distributor for the renowned M.D. Science Lab family of brands throughout Europe and the United Kingdom—and the partnership has been a resounding success!
“Of course, we all had high hopes and expectations for our partnership,” said Briana Watkins, ACS, M.D. Science Lab’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “But the global success we achieved over the past year has been incredible for both our companies. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!”
Joining forces with SHOTS was another way that M.D. Science Lab put customers first, which was important as everyone shifted with the every-changing pandemic and cultural events happening internationally since May of last year.
“M.D. Science Labs’ goals perfectly aligned with our own SHOTS’ goals over the past year of our partnership,” said Hein Schouten, CEO of SHOTS Europe. “And by keeping our global customers and end-consumers in the forefront of our objectives, we were able to reach new levels of Swiss Navy sales growth over the past year. We’re proud that together we were able to provide an unparalleled level of commitment to customer service and brand expansion. And we’re not done yet!”
The entire team at SHOTS shares the same positive enthusiasm about this partnership.
“With our continued dedication to the Swiss Navy brand, we’ve been able to make it the most popular lubricant brand in Europe and the U.K.,” said Ard van den Brandhof, SHOTS’ Purchasing Manager. “This partnership collaboration and continued commitment by both our teams has made Swiss Navy a premier brand throughout our international territories.”
Watkins and Schouten have insured that both teams have kept their focus aligned with strategic growth plans and intentional shifting to meet continued product demands. This partnership has conveniently made M.D. Science’s collection of brands available to more international retailers throughout Europe and the U.K., and with the addition of Leroy Klunder as a dedicated brand ambassador to service this territory, Swiss Navy’s sales and success continues to grow.
“It’s been a proud year for me being able to step into the active role as the Swiss Navy Brand Ambassador throughout Europe and I appreciate helping introduce more customers to the products and supporting retailers’ training and engagement needs,” said Klunder. “I’m looking forward to the continued growth of our partnership!”
Customers throughout Europe and the United Kingdom are encouraged to reach out to Leroy Klunder or their SHOTS account managers to learn more about Swiss Navy’s range of products.
Schouten summed up the past year perfectly, “Swiss Navy is one of the largest lubricant companies in the world and we are very proud to be their exclusive European partner – and we have more exciting plans for our partnership, so stay tuned!”