Swiss Navy and SHOTS join forces

M.D. Science Lab and SHOTS announced an exclusive partnership today. Beginning in May 2021, SHOTS will be the exclusive distributor for the M.D. Science Lab family of brands throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

“We are very much looking forward to intensifying this collaboration and extending our relationship. Swiss Navy is the perfect example of how a brand should position itself and how to successfully collaborate with their partners,” said Ard van den Brandhof, SHOTS’ Purchasing Manager. “It’s an incredibly powerful brand, which has only grown stronger with the additions of new lines like Desire, and we look forward to making Swiss Navy the number 1 lubricant brand!”

“We will give Swiss Navy the high level of service they are accustomed to from SHOTS, by going from store to store both online and offline. We have employed a dedicated team and we will roll out a special sales and marketing plan for this partnership, to give our full dedicated attention to the customer. We are looking forward to taking this partnership to the next level,” said Hein Schouten, Sales Director for SHOTS. “We have been working with the Swiss Navy team, and in particular Briana, for a long time. Briana and I are a perfect match in terms of sales and marketing strategies. We have the same drive and thoughts about the business, so Swiss Navy and SHOTS are a perfect combination.”

SHOTS will begin offering Swiss Navy branded products to their extensive distribution network immediately. 

“Our entire M.D. Science family is so proud of this partnership with SHOTS,” said Briana Watkins, M.D. Science Lab’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “I have a longstanding relationship with the team at SHOTSand when we began to consider this opportunity, we realized it would be incredible for both our companies. Joining forces with SHOTS is another example of how we continually strive to serve our customers all over the globe, and of course, our customers and their end consumers are always in the forefront of our minds.”

Randy Withers, M.D. Science Lab’s International Sales Manager, is also looking forward to this partnership, “I’m thrilled with this opportunity and am looking to our teams being able to work closely together to expand Swiss Navy throughout Europe. SHOTS has the same goals and values as Swiss Navy, so I know our international customers will appreciate us joining forces.” 

Expansion is in the forefront for Swiss Navy having recently enlarging their production facility and increasing manufacturing shifts to keep up with the continued demands of their current products and to prepare for future collections currently in development. 

“This is one of the biggest contracts with an American supplier in the history of our company to date. The number one reason is, of course, the quality of the product, as no one in the world can put together a more beautiful product than Swiss Navy. Repeated market studies have shown that they are number one in the world and of course, any company that holds that title, needs to be in the SHOTS line-up,” said Oscar Heijnen, Founder of SHOTS. “SHOTS has 26 years of experience in the adult industry, which has taught us that quality is the most important element of success. ShHOTS is number one in distribution and Swiss Navyis number one in their line of products, and 1 and 1 still makes 2! I am very proud of how our SHOTS crew, led by Hein and Ard, together with the Swiss Navy team, led by Briana and Ralph, have made this collaboration happen. I don’t often crack open a bottle of Champagne, but on this occasion, I am very happy to make an exception!”

“Both SHOTS and M.D. Science Lab understand customer commitment and providing the finest service and products. We’ve been fortifying our solid distribution network to seamlessly provide SHOTSwith the high volume of Swiss Navy products that we foresee this incredible partnership will bring. This truly is a merger of world-class brands.” Ralph Albrecht, M.D. Science Lab’s CEO. “I’m extremely proud of Briana, Hein, and Ard for creating this unique opportunity and am excited for the future of our partnership.”

This partnership will make M.D. Science’s collection of brands available to more international retailers. Customers throughout Europe and the UK are encouraged to reach out to their SHOTS account managers to learn more about Swiss Navy’s range of products. 

Schouten summed up the partnership perfectly, “Swiss Navy is one of the largest lubricant companies in the world and we are very proud to be their exclusive European partner.”