Swiss Navy Certified Expert Program reports massive success

It seems fitting that Swiss Navy launched their Certified Expert program in June, which is National Adult Sex Education Month, and the last of the ten training modules was completed in August, which is Sexual Health Month.

“We are always very intentional with our planning,” said Briana Watkins, ACS, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for M.D. Science Lab. “We knew that we wanted to provide our retail partners with a way their staff could be trained extensively—and we also knew the training had to be dynamic, self-paced, and fun! We know that high staff turnover has been a struggle and the feedback we’re receiving about our expert certification program is that its helping staff members feel more confident and capable in their roles, which is helping with employee retention.”

To date, over a thousand people have signed up for the comprehensive certification course and feedback from certified students has been overwhelmingly positive.

Some student comments included:

“Learned different selling points for each type of lube.” – Meghan

“I learned a lot about the science behind lubricant and how it helps people have better and safer sex!” – Finn

“I went from knowing almost nothing about lubes to knowing so much.” – Emily

The online ‘Swiss Navy Certified Expert’ certification course can be accessed online on multiple devices at any day and time to fit into retail staff schedules.

The ten-module course covers everything from types of consumable goods to in-depth knowledge of uses and solutions and is peppered with ‘Did You Know’ tidbits to help initiate conversations with consumers. The course was created in a bite-sized format so that retail staff can easily navigate their way to certification on any time schedule.

Upon successfully completing all ten modules in the course, students will receive a certificate of completion announcing them as a ‘Swiss Navy Certified Expert’ and a certification pin that will identify them as an expert within the industry.

Retailers and their staff are encouraged to sign up at