Swiss Navy releases ‘2023 Intimate Lubricant Trends Report’

M.D. Science Lab has released their ‘2023 Intimate Lubricant Trends Report’ outlining their most popular insights into the lube marketplace for the upcoming year.

“Every year we do extensive research to find opportunities that are influencing the global intimacy market,” said Briana Watkins, ACS, M.D. Science Lab’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We know it’s important for us to understand what consumers will be seeking—and just as important, we need to be able to share this information with our retail partners to help them be better prepared for success.”

While Swiss Navy’s trend research covered a multitude of topics, they’re specifically sharing three trends that were prevalent in their studies over and over again. These three areas covered forthcoming trends within the Natural Goods, Luxury Wellness, and Intimate Pleasure spaces, with more consumers poised to increase intimate pleasure as part of their 2023 healthcare routines.

“Each year we focus on what consumers are demanding—everything from new ingredients to unique packaging—and concentrate on offering products that address those concerns,” said Watkins. “Since joining the M.D. Science Lab family several years ago I’ve found that being able to anticipate consumers’ needs has led to our most profitable releases. I created Desire by Swiss Navy in response to the growth in the female sexual health industry, and 4-in-1 Playful Flavorswere designed to capture sales by consumers looking for multi-use products—a space that grew by almost 66% in 2022.”

This year’s Swiss Navy ‘2023 Intimate Lubricant Trends Report’ is intended to help retailers plan their in-demand product purchases. The complete report can be found on Swiss Navy’s B2B Resource Center at