Swiss Navy sponsors International Lubricant Day

M.D. Science Lab, makers of the Swiss Navy brand, began 2021 with a monumental award season, capturing four prestigious awards, including three for the highest honor of ‘Lubricant Manufacturer of the Year’. So, it seems appropriate that they sponsor the creation of International Lubricant Day, with the first annual celebration taking place on April 22nd

“I would like to thank all the publications and our entire industry for the great honors our M.D. Science family has received this year,” said M.D. Science Lab’s CEO, Ralph Albrecht. “In the spirit of recognizing the importance of lubricant and the value it can bring to relationships and personal health, we wanted to do something extra special. Creating an annual day of acknowledgement, appreciation, and celebration seemed well deserved.” 

Since 1998, M.D. Science Lab has made it their mission to create top-quality products dedicated to making consumers lives healthier—and more fun. 

“Intimate wellness is always our focus,” said Briana Watkins, M.D. Science’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Being able to create a day to thank lubricants as a whole for all the great benefits they bring to people’s lives was important to our team. This tribute is a simple way to honor lubricants for all the positivity and happiness they bring to consumers everywhere.”

Swiss Navy recently expanded their brand with two new collections, 4-in-1 Playful Flavors and Desire by Swiss Navy, and have additional unique items currently in product development. These new offerings will reflect consumer concerns and will strive to address intimate issues that people are struggling with. 

“We realize that consumers are looking for more options when it comes to lubrication,” said Watkins. “We want to provide more possibilities and specialized formulas that consumers want. And, by creating a day of lubricant celebration, we hope to highlight all the benefits lubes have brought to people all over the globe.” 

Swiss Navy encourages people to celebrate April 22nd by giving a shout-out to how lubricants have helped their own lives. 

“Leading up to this celebration we’ve been doing several surveys,” said Dr. Sunny Rodgers, M.D. Science’s Intimate Health Advisor. “We found that almost half of our survey participants reported lubricants made sex feel better and they admitted lube was an essential part of their intimate experiences. Even if lubrication isn’t discussed often, it does hold a significant importance in people’s lives.”