Swiss Navy supports Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month is an annual event that occurs during the month of July and serves to encourage consumers to shop at independent retailers and spotlights the positive social and economic impact that these shops create. 

Independent Retailer Month began 10 years ago in 2011 as a way to highlight the important role local merchants have in their communities. When consumers shop locally, they are helping support an entrepreneur and people who live in their community. 

A study in New Orleans found that if residents and visitors were to shift 10% of their spending from chains to local businesses, this move would generate an additional $235 million a year in local economic activity. 

There are several ways that retailers can celebrate Independent Retailer Month, and Swiss Navy would like to offer a few suggestions. 

•  Give Back to the Local Community

Data shows that 75% of small businesses donate 6% of their profits each year to charitable causes, many of which are local. Consider offering locally made products in your shops or getting employees involved in a day of community service. 

•  Use Creative Visual Merchandising 

Unlike chain stores that adhere to similar floor plans and merchandising, independent retailers can use their imaginations to create unique shopping experiences for consumers. 

•  Connect Directly with Buyers

Independent retailers are familiar with their customers wants and needs, and their store selection can reflect an interesting blend of products based on consumer feedback. 

•  Create Badges

Buttons worn by staff can identify your shop as locally owned—“Proud to be an Independent Retailer”.

However you choose to celebrate #IndieRetail month, Swiss Navy commends those working to support their local communities.