Swiss Navy Zoom Show and Brand Training

Leroy Klunder has taken up his new position as Swiss Navy Brand Ambassador at SHOTS and he can’t wait to show all the knowledge he gained about the brand in the last few months. He is here for you if you need some custom-made tips and tricks for your store during a brand training. What can you expect? A meeting that only contains the information that is relevant for your store. Discuss your wishes and Leroy will come up with the items that are suited for your customers. Leroy will give you free testers, samples and sachets so you can experience the products for yourself, so your know for sure that you’re choosing the right products. He will talk you through the ins and outs of the products, but he will also tell you how you can sell it best. In this way, you can be sure that the Swiss Navy products you purchase, will also lead to good sales. 

Next to this, Leroy will also join the SHOTS September Zoom Show. Apart from your meeting with your account manager, please also plan a meeting with Leroy. In these meetings he will talk you through the products and the newest releases. Also, during the Zoom Show, all participants will receive a 10% extra show discount. The discount is valid from September 13 until the end of September, on 1 order! So, this is the perfect moment to stock up to be sure you have these great Swiss Navy items in stock for the busiest time of the year. To plan your meeting or for any other questions, don’t hesitate and send an email to or call him on +31(0)682386706.