System JO Training Week – A Virtual Victory!

“We know in the current climate with COVID19 that travelling as we once use to is a no go for now, and we wanted to ensure that we could still provide our customers with the continued support and service as if we were on the road,” Rebecca Buffham, System JO’s European Sales Manager, explains. “Matthew decided that we wanted to do something special for our customers and we didn’t want them to go without so we came up with our Online Virtual Training Week! We ensured that any customers who wanted training or even just a general catch up virtually would be able to get quality time with us, dedicating up an hour and a half with each customer”. System JO not only wanted to cover product training, but wanted to ensure this was a fun and enjoyable experience for all customers who participated, talking about future programs and promotions, new launches, store in store displays and how they can support them during these current trying times. “Fortunately, it was a great success. I was able to meet people in the industry who I haven’t been able to have the chance to speak with and also to build on those relationships with our current customer base. What was so special was we went through our product line and also were able to give customers time for Q&A and go through selling tips if needed. Every customer who participated also received a free JO Goody Bag of products which they can try at their convenience”, says Matthew Wright, System JO’s Brand Ambassador for Europe.  Due to its success System JO will be holding another Virtual Week from 19th – 23rd October. If you missed out this time and would like to schedule a session, please don’t hesitate to contact Matthew. His details are: Email:  or Mobile: +447446085659