Team Besharam raising $25,000 to help rehabilitate 100 Ukrainian Families

Team Besharam, Raj & Muzi are headed to Poland to help with emergency assistance for Ukrainian families who are crossing the border, with small children and just limited supplies. Along with a team of 4 volunteers who are local and their team, they plan to provide support to at least 100 families with safe housing, food and basic necessities and transport in case they are trying to find jobs in the local communities.

To be able to meet this goal, they have launched a GoFundMe Fundraiser:

Raj who is the co-founder of Besharam said, “My wife is Ukrainian, I got married in Kherson, Ukraine which is currently occupied, and 35% of my team are Ukrainians. We were extremely impacted when the war broke out, and it was just a mere co-incidence I flew back that same weekend from Europe instead of heading to Kyiv. As we monitor the daily news, we realize the scale of inhumanity against the fellow Ukrainians and while the governments of the world are supporting the country, we felt a deep rooted conviction that we can do something to help. Before starting this fundraiser, we have made several donations to support Ukrainian Army welfare and NGOs + we were able to financially support 6 families (our employees and network) with getting out of Ukraine, find place to stay and cover for most urgent survival needs. Two of them have share their stories here:

Hear Nastya’s story in this video

Hear Nadia’s story in this video:

We believe our industry can do more to support the Ukrainian Crisis. We are doing our part by heading to the border and staying there for two weeks till we can accomplish our mission to bring assistance to at least 100 families. If you like to support the families in the crisis, please support our mission on GoFundMe page here: