TENGA celebrates 15th anniversary

To celebrate 25 years of Masturbation May and its own 15th anniversary, TENGA is going to launch a month-long celebration campaign starting from May 1st up until the 31st.

TENGA has helped spread the word of Masturbation May globally since 2015, by opening up the conversation on the misconceptions and social taboos regarding masturbation, and by highlighting the positive benefits self-pleasure has in overall wellbeing.

To mark this milestone, TENGA has prepared four promotions for end customers, starting with the month long coupon code “MASTURBATIONMAY25” (valid from 1st to 31st May), that allows any customer with an active TENGA Store Account (USA TENGA Store and TENGA Store Europe) to receive one free TENGA EGG of their choice for any purchase. The remaining three promotions are going to build up gradually.

The campaign can be found at tenga.co/masturbationmay and will go live on May 1st.