TENGA conducts Better Sex Survey

Japanese Sex Toy Manufacturer TENGA Co., Ltd. is holding a global survey into how sex toys can improve people’s sexlives. The company recently held a Nationwide Survey in Japan to see if introducing a couple’s sex toy to the bedroom would improve things like satisfaction with sex, frequency of sex, as well as chance of orgasm during sex. The product used for the survey was the TENGA SVR – TENGA’s new vibrating ring, that can be worn by a male partner during sex. The Japanese survey found an 83% of participants reporting an improved sex experience.

Following the positive results in Japan, TENGA is calling for global participants with a free giveaway of the TENGA SVR. The call for entrants will last until December 25th, with couples receiving the item to try over the winter holidays. Results for the global survey will be released in an infographic before Valentine’s Day in February 2016.

TENGA’s Better Sex Survey will be available for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Spain, taking place on the TENGA website below: