TENGA FLEX receives Red Dot Award

TENGA FLEX, designed and manufactured by TENGA Co., Ltd., received the distinction “Red Dot”. The TENGA FLEX is a male pleasure item, incorporating pleats and spirals into the function and design. There are two variations: Silky White and Rocky Black.

The key feature of the TENGA FLEX is its spiralling sensations. The firm but flexible spiral-ribbed case works in combination with the internal air pressure. Covering the hole at the end of the case after insertion creates an internal vacuum, resulting in an automatic spinning movement. The internal sleeve of the FLEX is easily removed for simple washing, and inverting the cap creates a stand on which the sleeve can air dry. All stages of use from start to finish have been considered, to create a pleasant user experience.

The TENGA FLEX is not the first Red Dot for TENGA Co., Ltd, who have had several products receive the distinction, including several items from the iroha brand, the TENGA SVR in 2017, and the TENGA 3D in 2012. The TENGA 3D series marked the first time an item designed for solo male masturbation was granted this distinction.