TENGA Shop opens in Japan

Japanese Sex Toy Manufacturer TENGA Co., Ltd. have recently opened their first shop-in-shop, the TENGA SHOP in the Namba area of Osaka, Japan. After the grand opening on December 23rd, the TENGA SHOP boosted sales in the store by 400% compared to the same month in 2014.
The second shop opened in the Akihabara area of Tokyo on the 28th of January with 20 more stores set to open up around Japan within 2016. The company plans to open 100 TENGA SHOPs before 2020, when Tokyo will be host of the Olympic Games.

On top of TENGA’s full assortment of products, the TENGA SHOPs will showcase and sell a variety of TENGA merchandise such as T-shirts, Caps and limited edition items. Director Masanobu Sato has stated “The high visibility of the shops in shopping districts has definitely help ignite a buzz in the areas, with TENGA’s bold branding standing out proudly in the streets.” Sato continues “This is definitely something we’d love to try overseas too!” adding that any interested parties can contact TENGA at global@tenga.co.jp.