TET Lingerie reports rising interest in their business and products

TET Lingerie has launched as a new player in the intimate apparel game, touting itself as a brand designed to “make every woman look and feel amazing” by offering luxury-quality lingerie at affordable prices.

The company’s inaugural collection, Inspired by Love, recently launched in Europe and was reportedly “welcomed” in France, England, Italy,Lithuania, Estonia, The Netherlands and Czech Republic, amongst others. In addition, there was some interesting turns in Australian, USA and South Africa markets. Companies like ‘Fundistri France, The Intimate Distributions Netherlands, Brastop UK and Cherrybanana Australia have reported that TET lingerie did good job.

According to CEO and co-founder of TET Lingerie, Tadas Baliutavicius, premium fabrics and flattering silhouettes are the cornerstones of the brand’s approach to design. “We choose only very high-end materials and uses the finest Turkish lace for all production,” he explained. “TET embodies luxury and opulence, which is especially important in one’s love life. You have to be able to say ‘we care what we wear.'”

Following the initial launch, TET announced plans to roll out another collection designed specifically for men, and a “super-sexy Ultimate Loving” line, slated to be released in the coming months. Baliutavicius shared that he will continue growing the business and to “start business partnerships with more companies from around the globe.”

“To sum everything up,” he concluded, “we care about what we do and we value our customers — when we see happy women wearing our products, we are also super happy.”

Sales inquiries can be directed to sales@tet-lingerie.com.