The Dodil re-brands, sets sights on American market

Swedish-German manufacturer The Dodil has announced a re-vamped brand mission as the company sets its’ sights on the American retail and distribution market.

The company’s plan for international growth follows their successful pleasure industry launch at the 2017 eroFame trade show, where the Dodil caught the attention of European pleasure businesses. “We are pinning up new flags on our world map week by week,” says Gustavsson. “The contact with new partners is very much an educational journey, from where we learn to sharpen our tools to help them to best present something as ingenious as a design-your-dildo dodil.”

The Dodil is the world’s first shape shifting dildo. After submerging this silicone-coated pleasure device in boiling water, its’ initial rigid state turns completely soft and moldable. Users can create myriad textures and shapes to fit their unique anatomy, and then freeze their designs with cold water. The creation process can be repeated again and again due to Dodil’s thermoplastic interior, giving consumers an affordable, eco-friendly alternative in insertable pleasure products.

Armed with a re-branded mission, new slogan – “Design your dildo” – and point-of-sale materials, the company is ready to tackle North and South America. Several US retailers and distributors are already clamoring to stock their shelves after the Dodil received rave reviews from sex toy bloggers and consumers.

“We aim at being client-smart in all aspects,” says Gustavsson. “Along with our new media and point-of-sale, it will be really easy to assist our business partners in tapping into the minds of consumers with our revised message, as it both explains the product and also drives curiosity.”

Gustavsson and Chief of Operations Richard Almgren look forward to broadening the reach of their revolutionary pleasure product across the globe. “We aim to keep meeting potential clients as plausible new friends who also want to reform masturbation,” concludes Gustavsson. “By listening and learning and showing, we hope to prove that there is an obvious win-win in dealing with the dodils.”

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