The erotic boutique LUST turns 25 years and is re-born as L for Love

Copenhage, Denmark – LUST Copenhagen is turning 25 years the 1st of December 2023. The pioneering female owned and operated love-shop LUST opened its doors to an entirely new segment of clients in 1998 with its holistic and sensual approach to erotic products. LUST has pushed the boundaries for sex shops with its feminine atmosphere and ethics and has established itself as a well-reputed and highly esteemed icon.

A great milestone accomplishment – to celebrate female sexuality and make the erotic market more available for everybody – happened in the start of this year, 2023, when Danish flagship department store Magasin du Nord approached LUST with an offer to acquire the brand and the online sales channel, Founder and owner Sabina Elvstam-Johns, (certified sexologist, director) decided to explore this new possibility of reaching an even larger mainstream market with the LUST concept. As part of the restructuring of the company, the physical boutique in the heart of Copenhagen will now be re-born as L for Love, still focusing on the old core-values; expert advice and inspirational events, as well as the highest quality erotic products available.

Sabina says; “I opened LUST two and a half decades ago, to create a safe space for sex-positive people to meet and explore their sexuality, away from shame and prying eyes. The shop quickly became a well- known powerhouse and has inspired and served many. We are the front- runners of all the other female oriented mainstream shops in Europe. Now there are a multitude of businesses that serve the same purpose. We have broken down the barrier to lessen the taboo of sex. This is great! The online business was never as inspiring to me, I rather prefer to meet people and give them good advice, heart to heart. I believe there is a bigger need than ever, to be real – to touch and feel, and to be sentient human beings. Especially when it comes to sex! That’s what we are good at – personally and our dedicated staff – and that’s what we will keep doing with L for Love. Love is actually a better name than Lust, since that is what will drive us forward. Love is what the world needs more than ever right now.”

L for Love will also be the platform for Sabina’s other business ventures, which involve the development of innovative female-designed and patent- pending erotic toys, ready to hit the market very soon. LUST Copenhagen is still very much Sabina’s project, as she stays onboard as a consultant to support the team at Magasin du Nord in order to expand the brand’s reach into Scandinavia and Europe. The very special day of celebration will be Saturday November
25th, where all friends of LUST/L for Love, clients, distributors, and collaborators will be invited to a proper party with exotic entertainment, champagne and sexy people.