The Institute of Intimate Health welcomes BETA students

The Institute of Intimate Health announces its successful initial BETA-launch offering certifications via online courses that provide in-depth intimate health and wellness training on topics specifically relevant to today’s consumer and designed to help improve sales and marketing performance. Additional courses covering improvement in retail businesses, sales, and marketing will educate and complement the core health and wellness courses.

For utmost convenience, the institute offers self-paced, online courses that follow an easy step-by-step blueprint created to transform students into certified Intimate Health Advisors. This certification program can be completed online anywhere in the world and can help students in their current positions, can help launch students on a new health and wellness career path, and if students choose to start their own business, the institute will be launching a mentorship program to teach students the steps to take toward wellness entrepreneur success.

Not only is the mentorship program in the works, but the institute is also gearing up to open their membership site where people can get ongoing intimate health and wellness education and information all in one location.

“In a world flooded with sexual health, intimate wellness, and sex education, the Institute for Intimate Health offers straightforward knowledge and certification combined with ongoing, up-to-date information and mentorship all on one site,” said Sunny Rodgers, Founder and Director of Curriculum. “According to a June 2019 article in Forbes, wellness is now a $4.2 trillion market that is growing nearly twice as fast as the global economy and represents 5.3 percent of global economic output. Having the institute focus on overall intimate health and wellness makes smart sense considering the businesses and consumers that need this specialized support.”

“No prior experience is necessary to obtain a certification and enrollment is open to everyone,” said Rodgers, a 20-year intimate pleasure product industry veteran currently working toward her doctorate degree. “Our initial BETA students are from a wide range of industries – from a screenwriter to the owner of a thriving CBD wellness company. This institute supplies the practical groundwork needed to understand the many facets of intimate health and wellness while sharing vital information on how to grow and successfully market retail business. And, an Intimate Health Advisor certification is the perfect place to start for those wishing to create their own wellness business or secondary occupation.”

The waitlist is currently open for students wanting to receive their certification online. Certification will also include access to the Institute’s membership site for ongoing education and information. The institute will also be launching a mentorship program to train and provide step-by-step tools for launching a successful healthpreneur practice or side business because mentoring can play an important role in career development.

“Almost every day I have people contact me and ask how they can become certified, start their own health-oriented career, or find wellness information. It made me realize that an organization like this is desperately needed,” said Rodgers.

The Institute of Intimate Health offers flexible, affordable, and professional development courses that are designed to meet the needs of busy adult learners. Its Intimate Health Advisor certification is valuable for a variety of industries. All courses are available online for students to learn at their own pace.

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