The ‘MaleEdge Shop Tester Kit’ is available now for retail

“Since our launch at the last eroFame fair in October, and having now having tested successfully with major adult shop chains such as Pabo and Christine Le Duc we see that the ‘MaleEdge Shop Tester Kit’ works very well to sell the issue of penis growth to male clients in adult shops,” Klaus Pedersen, Managing Partner of DanaMedic, explains.

The ‘MaleEdge Shop Tester Kit’ contains one of each of the MaleEdge products (Basic, Extra and Pro models). It also contains very importantly the demo dildo mounted with at MaleEdge Extra product, which gives the shop-clients their ‘AHA-moment’ of seeing and touching the product itself, as-its-supposed–to-be-used. The kit also includes 50x printed consumer Q&A brochures with ’14 most asked questions …’ – which come in different languages – as well as important shop staff information, user-manual and training materials.

“Having the kit in the stores helps the store-staff answer the most important question from clients being ‘does this really work …’ which it does. Many consumers are initially not convinced that any product will supply a permanent effect, and the Q&A will most often help with this main issue ‘yes it does actually work’. Other main questions are often ‘is it documented and how’, ‘how big and fast can I grow’, ‘do I need to talk to a doctor’, ‘can I sleep with it on’ etc. To support the sales we also offer a double money back guaranty – which no other product in the market can match. This we offer since we know we deliver! Also we are the only growth-device-method to be clinically tested and documented by independent medical experts, and are recommended by doctors and surgeons as a safe way for men to grow their penis permanently. Also many of our users report back their results – via forums and online personal growth diaries – supporting the medically tested results. And they will often, irrespective of their individual size, see other men which are bigger – and this leads them to search for methods or products which will help them become bigger.“