The multi-sensory pleasure of S8 4-in-1 Dessert Lube

The S8 4-in-1 Dessert Lube is the perfect foreplay choice to for a hot summer night. This high-quality, body-safe formula is a sensual treat that all lovers can enjoy: making it the perfect up-sell item with any naughty purchase. This July retailers profit from a 10% discount on all S8 items at SCALA. This discount is valid on all S8 items until 31st of July.

The S8 4-in-1 Dessert Lube comes in 3 irresistible flavours: Chocolate Salted Caramel Lava Cake, Tropical Pina Colada Slush, and Vanilla Strawberry Whipped Cream. The quality formula is made of 100% edible and body-safe ingredients. Also, the formula is gently heating, teasing the skin with delightful warmth. S8 4-in-1 also provides a long-lasting glide that can be enjoyed during a sexy massage, or as lubrication for intercourse.