The redesigned Oral Joy – for more oral fun and pleasure

Cobecos’ popular Oral Joy in new packaging still tastes like more! This soft and easy spreadable gel is available in three different sensual aromas: Strawberry, Tropical, and Vanilla. Oral Joy is especially for everyone, who wants to experience more fun and pleasure during oral sex. The redesigned packaging and new bottle add a new look and feel, and improved usability.

Oral Joy has been very successful over the years. As the success keeps continuing, Cobeco wanted to give the Oral Joy products a more up-to-date design. With this new design, Oral Joy will keep up with the rosy future in 2021. 

Besides the package design, the bottle has changed to a bigger bottle with a new pump for more user-friendliness. The bigger bottle design improves Oral Joy’s usability and fits better in the hand, thanks to the elongated shape. Combined with a new pump for better application, it will enable to use the Oral Joy products easier and one-handed. 

The redesigned Oral Joy gels are now available at Cobeco Pharma and/or from various wholesalers.