The story behind SVAKOM’s water well in Uganda

At the end of August 2020, SVAKOM cooperated with DROP IN THE BUCKET, a registered NGO that has been doing, since 2006, community development by building water and sanitation facility at schools and communities.

After a very successful campaign ran by SVAKOM for the WEEK OF THE WATER celebrity, a well for a health center in Pader, a small village of Uganda, was built in name of SVAKOM and DROP IN THE BUCKET, which aims to provide clean water mainly to the Alim Health Center II.

A Regular Day at Alim Health Center II

Imelda Amoding – a health assistant at Alim Health Center II in Pader, Uganda, typically starts her day taking half-a-mile trek to a borehole well from the center’s staff quarters where it treats 150-200 patients daily. Because of lack of clean water nearby, Imelda and the hospital staff have to wait in a line under the hot Uganda sun for hours, often making them late to work.

Labong Casey is a center’s cleaner, and more than ever her job is crucial for keeping the facility clean and sanitary during the pandemic. The health center is the first place that anyone in the surrounding communities will go if they suspect they may have COVID-19. She makes five-mile trips a day in total just to get the water necessary to keep the facility clean. The extra work leaves her exhausted and aching at the end of the day.

Be the Change That You Wish to See in the World.” 

Fast-forward to March 24th, 2021, after months of overcoming the restrictions during the pandemic, the new well drilled by DROP IN THE BUCKET and funded by SVAKOM was officially completed. With its own source of clean water, the health center staff can spend more time focusing on their patients and no longer have to waste hours fetching water. The health center is now cleaner, more efficient and able to treat more patients each day. 

It’s refreshing to see SVAKOM give back to the society, helping those who are in need and continuously make positive impact around the world which is a huge part of the brand’s deeply-embedded philosophy.