Three benefits of private label with RCC Wholesale

There’s never been a better time to develop your own private-label sexual health supplement range the RCC Wholesale team says. A trend that grew out of lockdown, more shoppers are switching to and staying with private-label brands. No longer seen as the poor cousin, private-label brands are now accepted as offering great quality and value… but now that the world is opening up again, competition for consumer spend is hotting up. 

RCC Wholesale has perfected the art of helping retailers develop their own private-label brand, from formulation through to design, marketing, registration and certification. High street names and smaller retailers across the globe have worked with RCC Wholesale to develop their private-label brands and all have enjoyed major benefits.

  1. Bigger margins

“We all love working in this business – we might work in offices, but we don’t have boring office jobs, am I right?? – but it is business after all. It might not be ‘the done thing’ to talk about money, but the reality is, it’s important to make money if you run a business. Private label is generally more profitable for the retailer – and when you invest in a quality product, you’ll have a consistent performer that results in better returns in the long term”, the company says.

  1. Reliable, trustworthy products

“Your private label brand will share the same formulation as RCC Wholesale’s best-selling pink supplements for women, daily range and the best-selling formula for men in blue capsules. These products have been developed by qualified and experienced UK pharmacists, and are manufactured in a UK factory that meets four different ISO accreditations, is certified to NSF Good Manufacturing Process guidelines and has been rated AA by BRCGS. This means you have a reliable, effective product that customers will buy again and again.”

  1. Certification, compliance, guidance

“To bring your product to market, there are certain legal and compliance requirements you must fulfil. RCC Wholesale has long experience in developing and selling sexual health supplements, which means they understand the process and what’s needed. They provide retailers with an authenticated Certificate of Ingredients issued by RCC’s Quality Control Department and a Registration Letter that states that the formula has been registered or notified where necessary. What’s more, they offer invaluable guidance and support throughout the process.”

Working with RCC Wholesale couldn’t be easier -interested parties will be assigned their own Sales Ambassador who will guide them through the process. To start growing your supplements business today, visit or call on +44 (0) 207 193 3553.