Tickle.Life and Modality Group launch Global Sex Education Survey

 Tickle.Lifethe sexual exploration platform has joined forces with sex business intelligence firm Modality Group to launch a global sex-ed survey which will run until February 1, 2021, followed by a research study that will be conducted on four continents.

The survey will be focused on how and when individuals first learned about sex and sexuality and how and when they discovered sex education as adolescents or as adults. This research will lay the foundation for a comprehensive sex education research report – to be released in early spring.

“The sex education landscape is evolving and is not just for kids anymore. Now, adults are empowered to ask simple questions without feeling shame. This is life-changing. With this research, we’ll help sex educators and sex-ed app providers improve their service offerings,” says Modality Group CEO Lex Gillon.

“The sex education survey and its research would be a game-changer not just for us but for the entire sex-positive businesses. Tickle.Life belonging to the sexual wellbeing industry understands that the access to quality insights which have been missing largely, is a necessity and with this global survey we plan to meet that need for the entire ecosystem,” says Tickle.Life founder and CEO Shakun Sethi.

In exchange for completing the anonymous survey, participants will receive an erotic E-Book by The Secret Submissive