Tickle.Life and Sexpert.com are Teaming-Up

Tickle.Life​, a Community based Discovery Platform for Sex and sexuality, today announced a new  Collaboration with internationally acclaimed Sexologist Dr. Ava Cadell’s​ ​Sexpert.com​,  the web’s longest running media publication for adult sex ed by real (s)experts, to  co-create and co-promote sexual content for sex positive people.   

This partnership will bring together two dynamic women backed SexTech platforms  for sharing captivating content about intimacy, relationships, sexual and mental  wellness, to become the ultimate powerhouse of sexual advocacy online. Our mission  is to normalize sexuality and pleasure so people can enjoy sex-postive lives without  shame. This is an initiative to bring more visibility to Collaborators of Tickle.Life and  Experts from Sexpert.com, through various marketing and technical initiatives,  undertaken by both websites.  

“I am really excited to come into this partnership with Sexpert.com. This is an industry  initiative to bring the SexTech community closer in order to reach out to a wider  audience, working together towards the bigger goal of creating a sex positive, safe  and judgment free world. At the same time, through this partnership we can truly give  credit to our collaborators who have trusted us, by helping them reach a much bigger market for their content, products and services,” says Shakun, Founder and  CEO at Tickle.Life. 

“​I’m excited for the opportunity of America’s most trusted adult information, Tickle.Life  and America’s #1 adult empowerment website Sexpert.com, to join forces as a  winning team,​” says Dr. Ava Cadell, Founder of Sexpert.com. 

“I truly believe sex education and advocacy for social change is necessary in our  global environment now more than ever: to remove taboos and end discrimination,”  Editor of Sexpert.com, Domina Doll commented. “That’s why I am absolutely thrilled  that our two women-centric Brands—Sexpert.com and Tickle.Life—are joining their  collective vision to educate more adults with their message of sexual freedom and  empowerment for all.”